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Erotic massage salon Bikini is pleased to offer luxury services of erotic massage in Kiev. Our salon is located in the heart of the capital in Ivan Mazepa Street, we are easily accessible from any part of the city. We work without breaks, holidays and days off, you can order erotic massage round the clock.

 Bikini club provides professional services of erotic massage

The staff of Bikini club is composed of professionals, masters of the highest level, owning all the techniques of erotic massage and perfectly mastered the classic massages. If you prefer exotic, we recommend you to choose Thai massage! If you wish to test absolutely unfamiliar sensations, choose body massage! New sensations and emotions are guaranteed!

After a visit to us your views on the erotic massage will change, you will realize that such high-level services can only have the first-class salon. Bikini club possesses extensive client base, this proves that you will be offered erotic massage in Kiev of the highest quality, since this factor determines the choice of our guests.

Why does the erotic massage is so popular in Kiev?

Recently, in many cities of the country the erotic massage has become quite popular procedure. And it is not surprising, because it has got a well-deserved reputation for recreational activities. Erotic massage in Kiev is suitable for people of any age and body type. But it must be remembered that the erotic massage is contraindicated in case of serious diseases in the acute stage.

A big demand for such type of services has led to the fact that in many cities there opened a variety of erotic salons.  Currently, the erotic massage in Kiev is made in more than 40 salons. But with all the diversity it is difficult to choose the place that would most suit your taste. We recommend that when choosing a salon of erotic massage in Kiev you should pay attention to some seemingly meaningless details. Our professional advice will help you to choose the erotic massage in Kiev, which you appreciate.

Having crossed a threshold of salon, estimate its level. Analyze the way you are met by the administrator, estimate the interior. These details will help you to determine the level of a salon. There are many factors that affect the status of elite erotic massage salon in Kiev, first and foremost is the atmosphere of benevolence, a rich design. When you visit the Bikini salon you will immediately find yourself in the mysterious confidential atmosphere. The fact that the guests who visited our club erotic massage only once, become regular customers indicates that we have a wonderful atmosphere, professional staff and our customers get exactly what they want.

Erotic massage – beneficial health effects

According to scientists our mood and health depends entirely on sexual energy.  If you do not get the quality relaxation you risk to earn a chronic fatigue. Erotic massage helps not only to experience the exquisite bliss, but rather brings tangible benefits to health. Due to different techniques of erotic massage you can significantly improve your physical state:

Types of programs

Bikini Erotic massage salon in Kiev offers a variety of massage programs. Depending on your preferences, you can choose one program or make a complex of several. Among the most popular it is possible to allocate following types of erotic massage:

If you have some problems with male health, we recommend you to use a therapeutic  prostate massage. You can feel the refined pleasure and at the same time you will get rid of unpleasant disease.

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Beautiful erotic massage is our profession and our passion!

Salon of erotic massage Bikini invites you to plunge into the boundless sea of passion and sensual delights, dissolve in affectionate and skillful hands of our massage therapists. If the terrible exhaustion does not allow you to move on, and deep depression and trouble make you see a gray world we know how to bring you back to life! Miracle power of erotic massage has been known for several thousand years. And the effect of this massage made by sexy and sensual beautiful girls of our salon is magnified. We have the most charming girls who are ready to give your body an unforgettable experience.

Erotic massage club in Kiev is an elite complex for men’s leisure.

  1. Billiard Room
  2. Cinema
  3. Barbecue roof
  4. Jacuzzi, sauna and hammam
  5. Many comfortable rooms for privacy

We offer you a really good service which meets the highest requirements that you define by yourself!


Our girls are always well-groomed, beautiful and pleasant to talk to.  They are specially trained to mastery of erotic massage. They are specially trained to mastery of erotic massage. That is why we guarantee you the first-class pleasure.

You have the right to choose a massage master, and stay with her together, creating an atmosphere which is suitable for you.

Close encounters’ programs

Check out the list of our erotic programs, exclusive services and even massage and aquatic complexes. Each client will find something for himself and can take pleasure staying in our salon. We will gladly take care of everything, that you could forget while being in the embrace of attractive beautiful girls.